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Nicole Back to Wall Toilet and Seat

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Nicole Back to Wall Toilet and Seat
Nicole Back to Wall Toilet and Seat
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  • Great Value
  • Modern Design

The Nicole toilet has a modern design with smooth curves. Dress up any bathroom space with the Nicole basin, it will create a lovely modern statement for your bathroom.

A great product at an even better price, finished in gorgeous High Gloss White.

Ceramic toilet with 550mm projection from the wall, complete with white thermoplastic toilet seat to suit or alternatively upgrade to the Nicole soft close seat for a luxury finish.

What Makes Nicole Premium Quality

To get high quality glaze finishes on ceramics it is essential to get a perfect blend of the compounds that make up the clay (Pottasium Oxide, Silicon Dioxide, Zine Oxide, Zirconium Dioxide, Aluminium Oxide & Magnesium Oxide) This is the most vital part in producing high quality ceramic surface quality. Nicole ceramics have the perfect compound blend.

Additionally to save costs during manufacturing some suppliers make their moulds from fibreglass rather than aluminium but as they are made of fibreglass these moulds are flexible and they result in uneven surfaces on the ceramics. Nicole ceramics are made using high quality moulds.

Also smaller ceramics factories have limited floor space so they do not allow the ceramic enough time to cure as they need to speed up the process, this results in ceramics warping. Olympia''''''''s factory is a huge facility where the items are left to cure properly.

The most important factor however is the kiln itself within which the ceramics are fired. Manual Kilns have uneven air flow within them which results in an inconsistent air temperature and often causes pans to warp on the base. Olympia''''''''s kilns are computer controlled and a consistent air temperature of between 1210 & 1280 degrees is maintained preventing hot spots on the ceramics preventing warping and inconsitent finishes.

Additional Options


All Back to wall WC''''''''''''''''s require a concealed cistern. This WC is compatible with any available on the market but BrandedBathrooms recommends our dual flush concealed cistern for use with back to wall toilets.

Features dual flush water saving valve; 6 litre full flush, 3 litre half flush.

The cistern has a bottom feed, features an internal overflow and is easy to install.

Ideal for use in all scenarios and is even suitable for smaller furniture unit dimensions.

The Cistern Dimensions are Width 460mm, Depth 127mm, Height 332mm.

The cistern has a chrome finish push button.

Toilet Fitting Compatability

The waste spigot allows the soil pipe to either exit through the wall directly behind the pan (P trap), or to curve back on itself and exit down through the floor (S trap). This pan can also allow the soil pipe to turn 90 degree''''''''s, either left or right, should the soil pipe run along the wall.


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Nicole BTW Toilet

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