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April 25th, 2012 by steph

We’ve all been there; whether you’ve left the bath running too long or you have a clogged drain, overflowing bath pose a number of problems for homeowners. If it wasn’t your own neglect that caused your tub to overflow then Joe from Staunch and Flow Plumbers says it’s time to get your hands dirty and unclog that congested tub!

mouse in bath plughole

The worst kind of plughole blockage?

Bathtubs offer you a relaxing way of cleaning yourself and are generally very easy to clean and maintain. A bathtub is fantastic, except for when it starts to overflow. However, overflow is quite a common issue for many bath owners and the key is knowing how to fix it fast and effectively can be vital before the overflow causes any lasting damage to your bathtub.

If your tub is overflowing, you can usually attribute it to a faulty or clogged bath tub overflow (usually covered with a chrome plated cover above the tub drain near the top of the tub level). It functions to allow water to drain out of the bathtub in the event that the water is left on or the level of water gets too high when someone gets in and the water is displaced. Either that or a clogged drain will likely explain why your bath is failing to drain as it should.

There are a multitude of issues you could be encountering which could explain why your bath might be overflowing. The ideal thing to do is to take out whatever is blocking the tub

July 15th, 2011 by steph

Even the most ambitious DIY enthusiasts require occasional help from a professional tradesman. In some cases the involvement of a plumber is paramount to quickly restoring bathroom functionality. Bathrooms are a necessity in the household and can be costly if repairs are neglected and an ambitious handyman could cause minor problems to escalate into a catastrophe.

Many people are reluctant to hire a plumber because of the high costs and bad reputation that tradesmen are tarred with. Many television programmes highlight rogue tradesmen, raising scam awareness and result in reluctance to hire a plumber. In actual fact, there are many legitimate, skilled plumbers out there; it